Dreaming of Epileptic Sheep


Simple solution for you Twitter, heck, give me access to the resources where I can tap into the stream and I’ll build it for you.

- Scan tweets as they come in for url.
- If the tweet has a url in it, dump into a db
- Periodically (every 60 minutes) run a report on the db

Report would:


Great security advice for python devs.

An inspiring post on following your bliss. For many people, this isn’t the way to go, but it is nice to read stories of people who ended up better off by doing what they loved.

I found that my puzzle solving strategy often is the same as the author’s, so I can relate. I didn’t have quite the “AHA” moment he did, but I did realize that for many problems, a different method was better.

John the Ripper played a big role in my last big project (Project Jamie, which you can find at https://github.com/jcchurch/Project-Jamie ). It’s a great piece of software, and I’m glad to hear about the vast improvements being made to it in recent months.

Alright, so it isn’t really video on your kindle, but it’s a great idea, and a really neat implementation.

An inspiring post by Jason Scott, which made me want to redouble my efforts to backup everything I have. Backups are important, and I plan on going through our 3.5in floppy collection to see what may be lurking in the bits waiting to be backed up.